X-rays are ridiculous … ridiculously helpful

damaged tooth with decay found by a dental x-ray

Why does your Dentist hassle you about x-rays? They are bulky, painful and frankly, I just want my cleaning.

I get it. Makes sense to me. I’m a dental patient too.

But as a Doctor, I’d say 80% of my diagnoses are made through x-rays. I’m a pretty awesome Dentist but I can’t see inside teeth without some help.

For example, I saw a cavity today that grew in between two teeth and ate it’s way into the nerve.

Ouch! See that red center? That’s not jelly filling. That’s the nerve bleeding. Yes your tooth can bleed.

So instead of a simple ten minute filling, its a three hour root canal and crown. Pain, suffering and thousands of dollars.

Here’s the before picture. Can you see this cavity with the naked eye?

-Dr. Ross

Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental

Clinical Instructor – University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

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