Are you worried about funding your next trip to the dentist? If you’re uninsured or underinsured, a routine trip to the dentist’s office can be a huge financial burden. Funding options are frustratingly limited.
At Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants, we know that dental insurance is hard to get and usually lacking. That’s why we offer alternative patient financing options. Keep reading below to learn more about CareCredit payment options and how they can help ease the financial burden of dental work.

Patient Financing Options

At our Pueblo West office, we accept most Colorado dental insurance plans and all major credit cards. We also have a Neighborhood Discount Plan that provides our Pueblo West patients with reduced prices. If you’re looking for additional funding, a CareCredit card could be right for you.
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CareCredit is a third party payment option that is specifically designed for medical and dental expenses. You can think of it as a credit card that is exclusively used at your dentist or doctor’s office. You can charge your dental procedures to a CareCredit credit card and pay your balance off in monthly installments.

CareCredit is commonly used to pay for cosmetic procedures that are not covered by insurance (for example, whitening treatments). It is also popular among patients who need more expensive work, like a root canal or a dental implant. When you use CareCredit for a large expense, you have time to pay off your balance before it starts accruing interest.

Worried about the legitimacy of CareCredit? CareCredit is a legitimate card and a respected name in the world of patient financing. The company is owned by Synchrony Financial, which offers store cards with reputable businesses such as Amazon, Walmart, and Lowe’s.

We are committed to making sure that our patients get the care they need, and we would never recommend a predatory financing option to you. If you have more questions about the benefits of CareCredit, we’re happy to answer them! Give us a call or visit our office, where you can apply for a CareCredit card in person.

The major difference between CareCredit and an average credit card is that CareCredit cards have deferred interest. For periods of six, twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four months, you can make interest-free payments on your dental bill. The exact repayment period depends on the amount you are paying off.

Deferred interest doesn’t mean zero interest, so make sure that you understand the terms of your repayment agreement before you make a purchase. If you’re not able to completely repay your bill during the six, twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four months allowed for deferred interest, you might end up with a large sum to pay off later.

On the flip side, CareCredit payment options give you the ability to make interest-free payments. This is hard to find with a standard credit card.

CareCredit is designed to be a helpful addition to the patient financing system. If you are uninsured or underinsured, CareCredit is a great option to help pay for the care you need.

Like any credit card, CareCredit comes with some risk. We encourage patients considering CareCredit to make sure that they will be able to complete monthly payments and that they won’t end up saddled with debt. When used responsibly, CareCredit payment options are a great way to get affordable dental care quickly.

If you want to talk more about CareCredit, contact us today! Our staff at Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants is happy to help you find the right financing option for you.

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