Dental Crowns

Preserve your tooth and restore your smile with a new dental crown.

Dr. Ross uses computer-aided design (CAD) and other advanced equipment to create your high-quality crown right here in our office. If you already have a crown that is loose or needs replacing, we can help you there as well! Get in touch with us to determine if a dental crown is the best restorative treatment for your cracked, broken, or decaying tooth. Or talk with our dentist about the cosmetic benefits of a porcelain crown or veneer for small, oddly-shaped teeth!

dentist checking woman's teeth color for a dental crown
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Same-day crowns, next day bridges

Traditional crowns require patients to book multiple appointments in their already busy schedules. Now, you can get the same great quality of porcelain crowns in just one day! Dental bridges now can be completed overnight as well.

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Small-town feel

Even with the advances that provide our patients with the ultimate dental care, we still haven’t lost our small-town feel. The best part of our day is getting to know you and your family.


Day or night, we’re available
for emergency crown service.

Used to strengthen a weakened tooth or improve the look of a misshapen or discolored tooth, dental crowns are tooth restorations placed on top of an existing tooth. They also can cover the top of dental implants. Dental crowns blend in naturally with surrounding teeth to perfect your smile and preserve vulnerable teeth.
In the chance that a cavity forms in the tooth your crown caps, we will need to remove the dental crown to clean out any decay and bacteria. Once that’s finished, we can place a new crown on top of the tooth again if it doesn’t require extraction. Contact us if you experience a toothache under your crown so that we can examine the issue.

Your crown should last at least a decade or more with proper care (daily brushing, flossing, mouthwash, biannual cleanings, etc.). All-ceramic or porcelain crowns resemble natural teeth and now offer similar strengths to metal crowns. Talk with our dentist about options for long-lasting crowns that will be best for your needs!

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