Repair Your Teeth With Composite Fillings
If you have a cavity, it needs to be treated. Holes in your teeth, whether from damage or decay, need to be filled to stop further harm to your teeth and mouth. In the past, metal amalgam fillings were used as a durable, tried and true solution to fixing cavities but these days there are alternative options out there.
Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants offers patients composite resin fillings, a hard-wearing, metal-free alternative to traditional fillings with another big advantage: they’re tooth-colored which gives a natural and much more aesthetically pleasing look than metal fillings.
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Fillings From Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants

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The Latest Dental Technology

We can use composite fillings to repair your teeth, usually in one visit. The result is a stronger, natural looking tooth with no ugly metal on display.

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If your teeth are feeling sensitive, it may be a sign of a cavity. Small cavities are the easiest to treat and the sooner you see a dentist, the less damage is done to your tooth. Call Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants for your next dental visit.

Dental Fillings FAQs

Your questions about fillings answered

Even if you are a dedicated tooth brusher, decay can still happen. Luckily for patients in Pueblo, CO and surrounding areas, Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants can restore your tooth via a dental filling. Call us if you have noticed the following:
  • White or dark spots on your teeth
  • Holes or pits in your teeth
  • Sharp pains or sensitivity if eating or drinking hot or cold items
  • An increase in tooth pain when chewing
Your dentist will also be on the lookout for cavities during your regular check-ups.
The area where the filling is to be placed will be numbed with some local anesthetic. Dr. Blaskovich will then remove the decayed part of the tooth, clean it out and then add the filling material. A simple filling can be done in about 20 minutes. Larger fillings or multiple dental fillings can take up to an hour. Depending on the type and number of fillings needed, more than one appointment might be necessary.
While the idea of getting a filling fills many people with dread, it really isn’t a big deal. Dr. Ross will use an effective numbing agent in the area where the cavity is so you’ll feel no pain during the procedure. Your tooth might be a little sensitive afterwards and you may have some mild discomfort for a day or so but most people experience no side effects and those that do can usually be effectively treated with over the counter pain medication.
This depends on the location of the filling and the material it’s made from. Metal fillings last the longest, generally in excess of 10 years, whereas composite fillings are estimated to last about 7 years before they may need to be replaced, however, many last much longer than this. The team at Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants will check any existing fillings during your regular visits to make sure they’re still in good shape.
Yes. Your dentist will check your existing fillings during a regular appointment. If they are worn down or cracked which happens after daily wear and tear, they can be removed and a new filling will be fitted. Fillings are supposed to seal your tooth to prevent further damage so if your old fillings are worn or cracked, they won’t be doing their job effectively.
All materials used in dental fillings have been thoroughly tested for safety and have been in use for many years. While you may be worried about metal fillings, they are still a wonderful material to use and the American Dental Association has repeatedly confirmed that they pose no risk to human health. Composite dental fillings contain no metal, look natural and are impervious to changes in temperature.

Talk to Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants for any advice you need on dental fillings. Call today to schedule your next appointment.

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