Why are Dental Implants so expensive?

Dr. Ross, dentist at Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental & Implants

$5,000, $6,000, $7,000 for a single tooth?

I can’t speak for other dentists and I know many do wonderful work, however, I am here to crash the implant bubble. This is how I do it.

1. Surgical Placement

With my investment in advanced training, I can place most of my patient’s dental implants at the highest level of quality. This means most times you can avoid seeing another dentist or surgeon.

= less hands in the cookie jar.

2. Restoring the Implant

Through CAD-CAM and 3D printing technology, I can fabricate the abutment (post) and crown (cap) at a fraction of the cost of other dentists and labs. To be exact, one tenth the cost! Very few dentists will invest in technology the way I do.

Plus I personally make these implant abutments/crowns in-house with my dental in-sourcing philosophy. Therefore, I can control my supply chain costs better than any dentist in Southern Colorado. Did I mention it is faster too?

= Cheaper, faster, local

3. $29 Exam and Xrays

Want to find out if you are good candidate? Most patients and sites will qualify however not all are straightforward. Please call and ask about our $29 new patient exam and x-ray promotion.

And if I am not able to manage the surgical portion of your care, my friend and wonderful Oral Surgeon Ben Bailey at Oral Surgery Specialists of Pueblo will be sure to take care of you. He is the nicest Surgeon in the world. No joke.

-Dr. Taylor Ross

Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental

Clinical Instructor, Surgical Dentistry

University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, General Practice Residency

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