What’s Hiding in Your Tooth? Ed. 1

dental x-ray that helps find what's hiding in your tooth

After 10 years and countless patients, few things about teeth surprise me anymore. But sometimes I still see something noteworthy.

With that said, let’s kick off my inaugural edition of What’s Hiding in Your Tooth? These will be a random collection of teeth that surprise even me!

Exhibit 1:

It looked like a BOMB went off underneath this run-of-the-mill silver filling on a lower molar. Cracking, corrosion, and overall decay: I felt like I was digging to China to remove the rottenness from this one.

I expect the worse but this one was … impressive 🙂

Luckily, we fixed it with a same-day custom fit crown with my CAD-CAM technology. Hooray for teeth!

Exhibit 2:

Teeth don’t crumble without something rotting them out from the inside. The ‘breaking’ more appropriately describes the end process as the proverbial ‘straw-that-broke-the-camels-back’.

So this gentleman comes in with a broken tooth. And to be honest this is pretty normal … that’s why Dr. Ross exists.

What was surprising is how photogenic the crack and decay were!

Needless to say, I cleaned it up and put a fresh filling in there. Beau-ti-ful.

-Dr. Ross

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