The Truth About Veneers

Are you considering enhancing your smile with veneers? Veneers are a big investment, and we understand that making such a big decision can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing. We’re here to dispel myths about veneers so that you can make an informed and confident choice.

What do teeth look like after veneers are removed? Do veneers break easily? Can you still use your natural teeth after veneers are removed?

Our Pueblo West team has answers to these veneer-related questions and more. Here are five common veneer myths – and the truths behind them.

Myth #1: Veneers Look Fake

Veneers are known for their polished, pearly-white appearance. They’re often associated with the picture-perfect smiles of celebrities. But for many people, picture-perfect is, well, a little too perfect.

While it’s true that veneers enhance the appearance of your teeth, that doesn’t mean they have to look fake or unnatural. As veneers have become more popular, the techniques used to create them have improved. You can now get veneers in any shade you want, fit to match the size of your teeth and look natural with your facial proportions.

Myth #2: Veneers are High Maintenance

Are you worried that you’ll have to spend extra time maintaining your veneers? Great news: caring for veneers is basically the same as caring for natural teeth.

Brush twice a day, floss daily, and avoid chewing on dangerously hard materials. A great at-home oral care routine and regular dental checkups are all you need!

Myth #3: Veneers Break Easily

Many veneers are made of porcelain, and some people associate porcelain with easily-damaged dolls, plates, and teacups. But when porcelain is bonded to your teeth in the form of a veneer, it’s actually just as strong as your natural tooth. Veneers are well known for being extremely durable.

Myth #4: Veneers Don’t Last

Our patients are sometimes worried that veneers are a temporary fix to their dental problems. In reality, veneers are long-lasting permanent dental fixtures. With the proper care (which really just means a consistent and thorough oral hygiene routine!) veneers can last as long as fifteen years.

This lifespan is comparable with the crowns used on dental implants, and it’s longer than most dentures. While your veneers might need to be replaced at some point, they are one of the longest-lasting options on the market.

Myth #5: Veneers Hurt Teeth

What happens to teeth after veneers are removed? This is a concern that many patients have, probably because they’ve seen images online of teeth filed down to nubs to accommodate veneers.

It’s important to understand that veneers are a permanent commitment – once you’ve had them applied to your teeth, you’ll need to keep them in.

Your dentist files your teeth before applying veneers in order to remove a layer of enamel. This creates a better surface to adhere the porcelain veneer to. Once the veneer is attached, the original tooth is protected from staining and cavity-causing bacteria. But if that veneer is removed, it leaves behind an extra-exposed tooth.

Luckily, you don’t need to completely reshape your teeth in order to get veneers. Some filing of the teeth is always necessary, but the degree to which your teeth are filed depends on the size of your veneers, the size of your natural teeth, and the kind of veneers you’ve chosen.

No More Veneer Myths

Veneers are a big commitment, and you should carefully weigh their pros and cons before deciding on them. We hope that this article has dispelled some veneer-related myths for you, and that you now feel equipped to make a fully informed decision.

Don’t waste your time wondering, “What do teeth look like after veneers are removed?” or “How long do veneers last?” Talk to our team at Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants to get answers to any lingering questions. We offer veneers at our Pueblo West office and we’re happy to talk to you more about our services.

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