Sealants for Teeth

Do you want to slow tooth decay and prevent future oral health complications? Sealants for teeth are a great way for Dr. Ross to protect your mouth from the bacteria that causes painful cavities and decay. Applying sealant on teeth helps them stay healthy for a longer period of time.

What is a sealant for teeth? Keep reading below to find out more!

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Sealants for teeth are thin, protective coatings that are applied over your teeth. They are usually made of plastic, but they can be made from a variety of different dental materials. 

Sealant covers the chewing surface of your tooth, which is the area where cavities are most likely to form. It is commonly applied to molars and teeth in the back of your mouth that are harder to reach with a toothbrush. Because molars have uneven surfaces, they’re especially susceptible to decay.

Sealants are recommended for patients of all ages, especially children and teenagers. The sooner you get a sealant, the longer your teeth can benefit from its protection.

In general, your molars are fully erupted by the time you are 12 years old.

Sealants are also a great option for patients who have struggled with repeated cavities in the past, or have a sugar-heavy diet like Dr. Ross. There are also genetic factors that influence how likely you are to experience cavities, like deep grooves and pits.  

When you come into our Pueblo West Dental office for a sealant, you can expect a fast and painless procedure that will be completed in just one visit. First, we will clean your tooth and apply a pre-sealant gel to prepare the surface for the sealant. After wiping off the gel and drying your tooth, we’ll apply the sealant and use a blue light to set the material.

It’s as simple as that! With proper maintenance your sealant will last multiple years. We’ll keep an eye on it when you come in for routine checkups and let you know when it’s time to reapply.

Find Out More Today

If you’re ready to explore sealants for teeth, our team is here to help. Dr. Ross and our dental hygienists have years of experience with sealants, and we can deliver the comfortable care you deserve. When done correctly, sealant on teeth is an easy procedure that lasts for many years.

If you want to schedule an appointment or are still wondering, “what is a sealant for teeth?” give us a call today. We can help you decide if a sealant is right for you and schedule a timely appointment to complete the work that you want done. At Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental and Implants, we’re here to help you brighten your smile!

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