Navigating the Referral Landscape

dental x-ray of a tooth and its roots

Sometimes the dental landscape is hard to navigate for patients. I heard of a woman who needed a root canal finished. Her existing general dentist bailed during the procedure due to difficulty and referred her to a specialist.

This is a ‘dental no-mans land.’ No general dentist would see her due to the referral on a previously started root canal, and she couldn’t go to the specialist due to insurance and cost.

I heard about this patient and told my team I MUST see her.

With advanced training and my experiences as an Instructor at CU’s Dental School, I’m comfortable completing work that most dentists won’t do. From wisdom teeth and implants, to special needs and medically compromised, I have gathered a following of the sometimes-forgotten patients.

Long story short, it was obvious where the previous dentist had gone awry (missing a fourth canal.)

I completed the root canal treatment, saved this patient’s last molar tooth, and saved her thousands by working with her insurance.

This makes me happy 🙂

-Dr. Ross

Update: One month later the patient came back and I quote, “if you can work wonders on that tooth, can you look at this other one?!”

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