My Dentist recommended a Night Guard …

Tooth damaged from not using nightguard

What does a night guard do?

1. It’s hard to sleep in

2. I spit it out while I’m sleeping

3. It gets grody really quick

4. It makes my wallet lighter, alleviating future back problems 😉

Sounds like fun. But dentists recommend them for a reason.


A guy goes to a dentist three months ago in unbearable tooth pain. He can’t chew but everything looks normal. Yesterday I see him, frustrated, in severe pain, unable to eat.

Bam. What is that (red arrows)?

Boom. Look at worn-down teeth with sharp edges (blue circles).


This Patient split his tooth right in half. Ouch.

Not fixable. It was extracted. Fortunately, a magical dental implant can replace this tooth. But a small ($) problem turned into a larger ($$$) dollar implant.

I did a postmortem autopsy out of intrigue.

* Yes, Diagnoses come with sound effects like the old Batman comics. I’m a dentist, come on, this is as exciting as it gets. Whammie!

-Dr. Ross

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