Do you REALLY need a $1000 dental crown?

Dentist holding currency note from Zimbabwe

Part 1

Your tooth broke! Ouch.

You show up to a dentist’s office and they tell you that you need a crown. $1000 dollars give or take. That’s a mortgage payment!

Is it true? Who can you trust?

Truth is, most broken teeth need crowns. But not all. So be informed.

Sometimes dentists, including corporate offices, are paid on commission. Here at PWND, no one is paid on commission.

In fact, I’ve refused compensation for my Instructor position at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. Sometimes life isn’t always about money 😉


Here’s a gentleman who broke his tooth at 4pm on a Friday afternoon. How inconvenience! My wonderful team knows to get him in ASAP and I am tickled to death to tell him … he doesn’t need a crown!

This tooth was fixed with a beautiful white filling.

BAM! I love it.

Part 2

While saving that back molar, it’s not hard to notice the 6 cracks in the tooth in front. Count ’em! Six. Not to mention the internal corrosion and decay that has grown into one of the backside cracks. A tooth shouldn’t be BLUE! #WrongKindOfBluetooth

This dovetails perfectly … this tooth by most metrics should have a crown placed over it to survive long-term.

-Dr. Ross

Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental

Clinical Instructor – University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

General Practice Residency

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